Abstraction vs Visibility

I often found myself looking for something.

Not an abstract version of attraction, affection or beneficial goal instead, a visible yet valuable thing that I could lay my hands on, places, people or books that open a new world. I was looking for A visibility that gives birth to new ideas and purposes.

Everywhere I looked the things that surrounded me were commercials, filtered pictures that are filtered, pointless advice to be specific, empty offices, and tiring lifestyles. I often craved to find a place where I did not feel any tags attached to me and simply forgot the demand to know who I should be but simply a place to let my mind slip into a steadiness. I wanted a time machine without feeling obligations to just be. To go back in history or to the future where the ideas sparked like a growing tree surrounding me and I could touch them and stand surrounded by its branches.

Everywhere at some point in my life, small details of life’s insignificant un-comforts would shake me little by little, housing contracts, financial problems, career, even a look or a word from someone and the list goes on. Every time when it happened I craved to run to that safe place. I wish someone else like me would find their own space here. A place where you are simply accepted. And acknowledged.

Because I see your visibility that sparks the value of an abstraction.

Coding my way to life

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