All what they offer!

I do not want any of it. Nothing at all!

Nothing is needed / Need itself needs something. / I do not want anything of it! / Want itself says wants to be wanted

I do not want to want

The need to be wanted

All what they say! / I do not hear any of it. / No words at all! / An old man / Who knows only one way / His way, my way / Leave Me out of your norms and barriers / Deaf as a sky, am still like an ocean / Drown or else do not step in.

Alive like a fire, I burn then die.

That is what I crave / Afternoon of painted colors / Words that cut like a knife / Morning or night / The breeze or the snow / The extreme of extremes / Let me be extremely real. / Let me just be. / All what you need, look for it in the eyes / Not in the bags./

Otherwise, the real or the fake, you are lost in your needs of wants.

Coding my way to life

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