Running Away or Chasing?

Such stressful yet fun time we live in today. I see many good people who are trying to help, stretching their hands to the ones who are about to fall off the edge.

The people who address the 20 something-year-olds to share their life stories, and pat us on the back saying “It will all be all right, keep going, we got your back, and we understand” are mentoring, sharing and advising us 24/7 all over the internet.

All those encouragements are on the internet but ironically when we turn off the computer and get out in the real world we keep bumping into disappointments.

Being 20 years old today especially if you are super ambitious about everything, it is the same as being an octopus with a hundred tentacles (if such a thing exists).

Grabbing one thing after another, holding one, dropping it, chasing one and leaving it for another because the world is constantly changing.

I have been living and working in six different cities for the past one year. Packing and unpacking, changing from trains to planes, taking my furniture in and out, having five different apartment keys, giving and taking from different landlords, getting kicked in and out, applying and quitting jobs. Adventure!

When I was packing for the fourth time to move again, I froze staring at my three luggage. They were faded and broken like my ambition being carried across countries, airports, and stations. Is this adventure necessary for me? I thought.

At the time when I was in Taiwan, I met plenty of people who were doing the same things over and over again, every day. Such dedication! and I knew I lacked such dedication.

In fact, many 20 years olds like myself lack patience and dedication because we are expected to succeed as soon as possible. When we succeed we think we are doing great but we never learn how to be dedicated to one thing.

I used to think dedication is an old concept and that I will not need it in the age of constant moves.

I never learned to dedicate myself to one things because OMG! the world is full of wonders! I was interested in many things, art, math, politics, and even making movies!

But I always wanted to have this one thing that I am most proud of, like my own golden flower. And I missed one important fact.

That golden flower I always wanted blooms out of dedication. I had to keep molding it, watering it every day, every second to make it a golden flower.

I never regret my crazy travels and experiences. I do not mind being the 20 years old who enters one coffee shop to realize the other one was better and keep changing spots until I find the right one (environment influences creativity a lot!).

But sometimes, you have to sit down, no matter how your surroundings are. Sit down and tune out your surroundings.

Creativity and Motivation do not sprout out from the surroundings. But it does bloom out from the doing.

We need a dedication, a crazy dedication.

An addicting one! That creates purpose and meaning.

Coding my way to life

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