When you glance at a girl whom you pass on the street, tell me. Do you see pretty?

Do small pretty details gather one whole pretty for you? or the one whole pretty is pretty without small details?’

The definition of pretty.

The pretty is not pretty itself. The pretty lays in the gap of not pleasing others and loving yourself. We are never pretty and when we accept it the burden of pretty releases us. Pretty is a name for the grass, for the wind, for the land, for the music. Pretty is not for me, not for him, not for his girlfriend. Pretty is not a thing, not a hairstyle, not a perfectly blackened eye.

If you wear your thoughts if you have a sense of respect for unpretty things if you respect yourself if you have the decency to let things go. That is the definition of pretty. The world is not a fake pretty but a genuine one that is hiding its unpretty yet pretty things under the pretty looking unpretty cover.

Coding my way to life

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