Ironic Shape Of The World

Looking for answers. You start somewhere and keep looking for it. Then you come back to where you started. Ironic it is, if you imagine yourself walking around the earth (as how cartoons describe it) because it is spherical you will come back to where you started.

It is because the answer is yours. The answer was all yours. It is never somewhere else in the world. And the answer is never going to be found by no one else but you.

I used to look for an answer to a question thinking the answer is somewhere else in the world. It is easier to think like that.

Because it is easy, I decided to hang on to my idea which is “I do not need to face anything right now because the answer is somewhere. Until I get there, there is nothing I can do”.

And because the answer laid inside of me where the issue was, I always came back to the point where I started. It was a circle.

I realized it is because often times we never ask the right question and never realize the solution was inside of us all along.

When we do not realize the solution is in us, it is easy to live without trying to confront anything. Because the society and consumerism are designed to keep us distracted. The promising distractions keep us occupied and we try to complete ourselves with it.

We assume pursuing something temporary that will offer us gratification at the moment, will give us whatever we are missing.

But it never does. The hole will always be there and the most important thing is to acknowledge it. Acknowledge the fact that there is something missing and tell yourself “It is alright”.

It is always alright. Allow yourself to be not complete and dwell on it. After all the world will not be complete without you and your story will be empty without you.

And when you feel not complete, remind yourself that you make the world complete. And hopefully someone’s life too.

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