Game of Mingled Tingling Emotions

Remember your tangled headphone that lays in your bag? Christmas string light that you bring out once a year which looks like a ball? Yes! Sometimes your tingled emotions are tangled as well.

It is hard to separate mingled tingling emotions. I wonder when we are born in this world if we are given only one tangled tingling emotion, how would that change us? At least, it will not be mingled and tangled.

But we live in the pool of emotions, it leaves us no choice but to play the game of mingles and tingles.The rule of the game is to mingle the tingling emotions as hard as possible. But you see, you have to be able to say they are mingled. You cannot combine and mix the tingling emotions completely without keeping their individual qualities separate.

Anger is an anger. The hatred is a hatred. The frustration is not a hatred. The confidence is not a flirtation. The positiveness is not a naiveness. The negativity is not a sadness. The game of mingles and tingles is tricky I know, but take your time, sit and ask.

Ask which one is it;

Take your time to untangle the mingled tingling emotions. I will wait.

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