How does one grow up?

Easy. Paying bills on time.

That was my answer a few years ago when I was leaving my home country to live abroad.

I paid my bills on time and voila! I was a grown up. I assumed myself as a suitcase carrying, serious-faced grown-up.

After going through cracks and corners, failing on it and standing up through those bumpy roads, I realized growing up means something else and we should not actually grow up as in how society defines the “grown-up”.

One can pay their bill, live on their own and be skilled in social matters without growing up if the money, and knowledge is supplied to them. Of course yes, it still requires skill to do those things and it has its cute harshness.

However, growing up is much more easy but hard to do.

It is being comfortable in one’s own world, accepting your past and looking forward to changing things. Understanding different perspectives, sympathizing with the world (after all we all live on one planet), letting go of the things that break you and holding on to the things that are important to you. In one word, understanding. Understanding of oneself and the world that revolves around us.

And along this road, enjoying them.

Building moments that stick with you. Checking off the non-importance.

Being “grown-up” or being matured to a point where everything that you do should have a beneficial outcome according to your perfect plan is same as burying yourself under the achievement of others.

I get it, in our society, everything is better planned and calculated, but did you also plan your death? There is no need to rush to die.

There is a sweet spot between growing up and not willing to be molded into the society. Taking enough risks but not hurting yourself and others. Even if you do, being able to fix it and admit it.

Growing up means whenever, or whatever happens in your life, it is staying who you are, to your core self. Because you are a grown up and nothing as in fame and money could effect you to lose who you are.

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