Incomplete drafts shoved under the rug. Were you shy or embarrassed? The backstage is always in the back. I wish the backstage and the front stage could switch places sometimes.

Let me tell you a story. No one seems to be telling stories nowadays. Instead, they have, we have given out the story for something else. Traded them.

Facebook replaced stories, Instagram replaced art galleries, Twitter replaced debates around the roundtable, no one seems to have the time.

I think I should talk to him.

People keep saying

people are starving. I agree with them. People are starving all around the world. Youth are starving, the olds, the man, the woman, the children, their stomach, lungs, or mind and most of all, their spirits are starving in despair.

The one who is starving of food is fully aware they are in starvation because the body tells them so, but how do you know you are in starvation of the mind?

After a while when your mind has been starving for quite a time, your heart will start to starve.


The day goes on so probably you should take a sit somewhere. It will go on. with you. or without you. No need to rush anywhere. Anywhere will go on without you.

Lock yourself until the dullness of the afternoon passes. Then walk without a purpose in the night or in the morning for a reason they are the extremes.

In the morning when the birds start to chirp, there is an uneasy feeling for people who do not have a plan. In a world, where everyone needs a plan, having no plan is a crime.

Life is bigger than you. I know you know it. In fact, you are the person who keeps telling me repeatedly as if you do not believe it yourself and need to be remembered constantly.

To grasp the important things in this race, sometimes it comes to the point of silencing out all the noise the world is making right now.

Finally, I can delete my drafts, get rid of them, and say everything I had to say, even if they are incomplete.

Incompleteness completes you, perhaps. so I assume my incomplete drafts shall complete what I had to say.

Coding my way to life

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