I got on a plane, leaving some things.

For 14 hours, I had nothing to do

but to think and stare as if there was something far by the sky.

something that I could reach up to.

The thought came to me

during 14 hours.

If humans could fly

there would be no one left

on the ground

the sky will be jammed like the roads and streets, choking on people.

and the reason we cannot fly is

some souls cannot bear

the thought of the sky having

crowds of people and their noises.

Those souls must live

by feeding on the solitude the

sky offers to them.

And that is how they rest.

hoping that they will find the

same peace on the ground

as well.

Which I did for the next six months.

hoping to find the peace as well.


somewhere in the middle of my life or so

told me

better not to think

too much when in transaction of travels.

Strangers stared a lot.

One of them

passed me by, commented that I should be happy or

least smile

when looking at trees.

I replied: the fall is just around the corner.

and I am a foreigner


101 floors they had

i counted.

101 must be high I thought.

because it is high, they must have

high education, I wondered.

could not help

but to laugh at my own thought.

westernized, culturized, dressed up

signs and symbols

bags and shoes.

brands and malls.

Who says

writing is easy and ecstatic

talks are.

Talks on the bench, under the tree by the shadow.

My friend told me about an incident.

A boy, who was gay threw an acid to some other boy who broke up with him

and to a guard. then

threw the rest of the acid

into his own skin and committed suicide on the spot.


on university campus.

Human Statues on the other hand

made some others jealous

by not giving any reactions.

maybe that gay boy

did not want to be

a human statue anymore

but wanted to be

simply a human

in the eyes of others.

be optimistic by the collapsing.




looked for Anti-Gravity and I found nostalgia.

The street objects kept shifting in and around,

must be the magic of the city. #Taipei

Taipei, Taiwan 2018

Coding my way to life

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