Have your ever scaled yourself? Not your body but your mind? The abstracts

Abstracts that does not exist visibly out in the world but in yourself, the things you carry within yourself, have you ever scaled them?

~a poem

A room

With a white curtain / A wooden chair / There is a small mirror / On the wall / Near the window / Behind the table / I sit / Taking off my glasses / Put it / On the flat / Of the table

In order

I take off / My hair / My nails / I peel them off / Behind the mirror / Something underneath / Is left /My skin / Not taken off / My flesh / My eyes

I take them off

My bones / My skull / Still there / My heart in the middle / It sits still / on my hands / still beating / I put it / on the table / Something is left / Underneath / My pride / My arrogance / I peel them off

Can you see me now?

I took them off / One by one / Got rid of them / Put it / On the flat / Of the SCALE / In order / I have one

Gram of my pride

One littler of my feelings

Two inches of my dreams

Three meters of my heart

One gram of my thoughts

Four pounds of my voice

Two centimeters of my smile

Four minutes of my life

Two kilograms of my past

Put it on a scale

That equals


Coding my way to life

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