There was a sun dying. It looked beautiful.

Yellow, half of round

its other half disappeared

blended into the sky

painted the sky with its orange


it looked beautiful.

stretching out, reaching

hearts and holes we carry

but not touching or mending

anything completely.

it made me wonder

when i die, will i paint the

soil with my color

or can I dream

to color the sky with my color

i used to adore

blue but blue


you are cold

and sometimes i want red

orange or the color of wine

to paint the sky

To paint the blue sky.

remind me there are other colors

in life, other colors

what color

I wonder will

i paint with

or carve my way

out of life.

and when I leave

what color will you

feel in your heart.

i hope

it is the color of the dying sun

not the color of the sky

for a reason the color of the sky

has been and will be always

be mine

and only


Coding my way to life

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