We witness more than we are supposed to. Some of them are just useless junks like the pictures of perfect breakfast, lunch, dinner, breakfast, brunch, and dinner.

I am against witnessing the pictures of your bags, shoes, and cars. You do not need validation from anyone.

You are a witnessed beauty itself. Witness is your power, your words, your attitude (the one that I do not like) and your knowledge and your ideas, Oh! the ideas (my favorite).

Pictures are taken to capture the unspoken moment, not to gain social status because we all know it is far from the truth and it is making someone else feel bad (let’s face it). Photos are captured to spread an awareness, not to announce competition of who owns what unless you are competing for a designer bag photo contest, are you?

Do not seek acknowledgment from empty eyes. Instead, seek motivation from those captures for the purpose of separating yourself from the false images that are planted in them.

Find the reason from the fake to be not influenced by it.

Witness of you is not in the validation of someone else. Witness is in You, Yourself!

Someone should open an art gallery with nothing but mirrors.

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